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LogOn, Register, Shortcuts


To access protected areas of an EndApps website, a registered user will have to provide a username and password. By default all page in the page website are protected (except for the relevant account management pages).

The Log-on page is usually located at:


Picture 1

Figure 13: Logon screen


Before a user can logon to an EndApps Platform website, they will need to create a registered account.

The registration process may vary with implementation. For some implementations, registration maybe based on invitation and the accounts created through registration will be added to specific predefined roles.

The default site registration page is located at:


Picture 12

Figure 14: Registration Screen

The default registration screen requires the barest minimum of information: user name, email and password.

Specific implementations may require more information before the new user can be properly registered.

After all fields are properly filled and the “Register” button clicked, the user will receive an email with an account activation link.

Picture 13

Figure 15: Activation Email


Every valid URL in an EndApps website that does not point to content or data will automatically display sub-locations and child resources. In EndApps, these are called Shortcuts.

Shortcuts are created automatically based on the navigation menu. As with the navigation menu, the shortcuts are security sensitive – pages that a user does not have access to will not show up in the navigation menu or shortcuts.

Picture 117

Figure 16: Site root with shortcuts

Picture 118

Figure : Shortcuts for site root

The navigation menu can contain site locations as well as named groups of site locations. Only actual locations from the navigation menu will show up as a shortcut. In Figure 16, the “Site Info” navigation menu item does not appear in the shortcuts because “Site Info” is only a container of site locations and does not have a path. See Figure 18 below.

Picture 15

Figure 18: Site Info only contains other paths

Custom Shortcut types

In an EndApps-based Website, there are three other possibilities for shortcuts

1) Override an existing shortcut with a content page

2) Override a shortcut by uploading a new, custom skin

3) Override a shortcut by configuring a “Query Portal”

For more information on Query Portals, please see the Query Portal section.

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